This page is intended for people who don't wish to participate at the forums and gain free gallery access by participating in some form there. If you want to see captions for free simply register at the forums, but understand there are viewing restrictions till you participate more.

People can also use unlimited access to try out the site and see what is like by passing the joining requirements. Members can switch freely between the two ways of being a member to see what each side of the coin like. Unlimted members should know that these captions are to remain private to themselves due to the nature of the board, so please do not share the captions. Members caught sharing their access to the gallery in any manner will be banned permanently. Members donating qualify for unlimited once they donate above or equal to the first montly minimum. If you are unable to donate via a credit card just email ths address and ask for instructions on donating by check or money order.When donating send an email to bimbossanctuary and let me know two things.

1. The email address you used for donation this is to validate that you're the one making the purchase

2. The name you registered with at the forums so I can grant you proper access.

Please allow me a 24 hours to situate your account and make sure things are alright.Your access time does not start until the day after access is granted.

Donate 15$ - A month worth of access.
Donate 35$ - Three months of access
Donate 50$ - Six months of access
Donate 90$ - A year worth of access
Donate 300$ - Permanent Membership to the forums and gallery (still can be banned for breaking forum rules)